Why Choose Us?

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Trustworthy: Overstreet Electric has provided the local community with efficient and reliable electrical service, installation and repairs for decades. When working with Overstreet Electric, be assured that our team of technicians are always keeping your best interests in mind. We do not take shortcuts and know that the easiest route is not always the best route to a job well done.

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Detail-Oriented: In order to get the job done right the first time, our team focuses on the details. Whether you are building a new home from the ground up, or simply adding on to an existing property, we can do it all. We will ensure that the work is of the highest quality possible.

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Knowledgeable: From troubleshooting to full repairs, we have the skills, training and experience to ensure your electrical system is operating safely and up to code. No repair or service is too big or small! Whether you need a ceiling fan replaced or a panel upgrade, Overstreet Electric has you covered. Our team of electricians is constantly training with the latest tools, techniques and technologies to keep all certifications up to date.

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Efficient: Overstreet Electric has been serving our customers for decades. Our electricians are highly skilled, trained and certified; therefore, we are efficient in our work. We have the experience to deliver services without taking a shot in the dark. With our team on your side, your electrical needs will be met with expert performance.

Shocked by Electrical Problems?

Electrifying Reviews from Happy Clients

Overstreet Electric responded quickly to my inquiry. The crew that came out was professional, proficient and extremely tidy. I will definitely use them again and recommend them.

- Barry S. via Google Reviews

Overstreet Electric updated the wiring in my entire old house and got us safe and up to code! Excellent work, excellent value and even my dogs loved them. Highly recommend!

- Irene F. via Google Reviews

I submitted a request to Overstreet Electric online, and they promptly called back to schedule an appt. Thanks for solving my electrical issues quickly and affordably!

- Corrina M. via Google Reviews