Generator & Transfer Switches

Overstreet Electric offers complete, whole-home generator installation, manual transfer switch installation ideal for portable generators, maintenance and repair services throughout the Baldwin County area. Our team of local professionals can help ensure you keep the comfort inside your home when a bad storm knocks out power or when your home is having electrical issues.

Our Process

Our process consists of inspecting your home to decide the right size generator and transfer switch, providing you with preventative services to protect your home and ensuring the project is done right the first time to keep you connected. There are many configurations possible and making a selection is not always straightforward. That’s why our trained professionals have the expertise to meet your home’s needs.

Let Overstreet Electric inspect, provide and ensure a game plan for your home so you’re not left in the dark.

Why Choose Us

Overstreet Electric is committed to providing premier customer service and quality craftsmanship to every customer. Our mission is to yield electrical solutions with exceptional electrical installation, maintenance and repair services while establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers and community. We strive to exceed your expectations by utilizing our years of experience as the distinguished electricians of Baldwin County.

Don't be Shocked by Electrical Problems!